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Team Manager "How To"


Thank you for taking on the role as Team Manager! 


Please review the "Coaches - How To" in side navigation of this site and confirm with your coach all has been completed.


This season, the most important job you have is making sure that your team's schedule on the site is always up-to-date.  This includes both practices and games.  It is where you can point anyone from your team when they need info on dates and times. You should familiarize yourself with both and websites. Each manager has a profile on both websites. If you are new or lost your login to either site, click Password Reset “?” and enter your email to reset your password.  


GAMES must be scheduled and/or edited on the FCBL site ONLY - NEVER DELETE A GAME - All information feeds down to our site.  It is from that schedule that we work to make sure our weekend games are filled and schedule all referees.  Visit the "HOW TO" section of the home page for useful information.  For anyone who has not visited the FCBL site -- the address is Login using the email you use on Wilton Hoops, then select reset password if you are new to FCBL or forgot password. -  Team Page

  • Each team has its own page. Go to tab TEAMS/SCHEDULES then CHOOSE A TEAM (choose your team from selection).  On the left navigation find team information. 
  • The team roster is posted and only accessible to the coaches, players and their parents.  
  • On the roster page there are helpful tools in the upper right corner under OPTIONS. You can EMAIL TEAM directly, print the roster, and other helpful functions. You and all members of your team can access this page throughout the season.
  • Coaches and managers have website rights to manage schedules.
  • When schedules are available you can have your team schedule feed directly to your personal calendar: Login to website, go to Your Team Page, select Schedule on left toolbar, select Options on top right, select Calendar Feed. Follow steps for your device.


Game Schedule

  • Please review your game schedule with your coach on once it populates (after scheduling meeting).  
  • Schedule should be exactly as submitted at your scheduling meetings. Double check information was entered correctly.  
  • Check that you have filled all of your home game slots (coaches should have their spreadsheet of home game slots).  
  • Tom Breslin who is in charge of game scheduling NEEDS to know if you are saving any spots. These spots need to be filled with a CONFIRMED opponent, otherwise all spots are fair game and must be emailed to TOM BRESLIN at .


Practice Schedule

  • Practices are scheduled on the website - again using whatever password you use to login -- as managers you will have scheduling access.  If you are new to managing or need a refresher on how to make changes, contact Penny Schwartz.   
  • View Master schedule to see all available practice times (left side menu on home page) on website.  
  • Travel practices are primarily in Cider Mill Upper and Middlebrook New, 90 minute increments 4:30pm-9pm.  
  • You will need to check whether or not you may use an open spot.  Generally, they are available on a first come, first serve basis, but priority is given to any team that has lost its regular practice spot due to either a school or weather related closing.
  • If your team is canceling a practice -- contact Penny Schwartz so we can make sure other teams know that the space is available.
  • If you have trouble with your gym space during practice eg: courts have volleyball nets on them, doors were locked, other team/function was using the court, please contact Penny at 203.253.6851




Team Photo Requirement (for Boys teams only)  
Each boys team is required to submit to their Division Director, via email attachment, a digital team photo of their team, with the players' being identified by name in an accompanying caption note. Those names will be matched to the team's League Roster.

The deadline for this submission is prior to the team's first League game played in the season.  If a team has not submitted this photo prior to their first League game, they will forfeit every League game that is played from that point on until the photo is submitted.

These team photos will be posted on each team's website profile. The team's opponents are strongly encouraged to access these photos and prior to all League and FCBL Tournament games.


Please email your Division Director or visit under "How To's" section on how to upload a photo.





Each team is responsible to submit a weekly article to the local news publications. Information for submission of articles can be found on the Team Article tab. 


Please review and communicate with your teams





If the schools are closed for a holiday or weather -- there is no practice.  If school is closed on a holiday (e.g. Thanksgiving) there is no practice the night before (Wednesday) as well as the night of the holiday (Thursday-Friday.)  We have done our best to delete practices that were to fall on one of these dates… Holiday break, MLK Day, Pres. Day (and the Friday before which is also a holiday).  If you see that we missed one you can delete the practice from your schedule.  Gyms re-open the 2nd of January.


To determine if games or practices have been cancelled due to weather conditions, Wilton Parks and Recreation determines facility closures. 


- You may contact Wilton Parks & Recreation hotline at 203-454-5188. 

- There should be a bulletin streaming on the home page of this website 

- Wilton Hoops Families should receive an e-mail from your Team Liaison 





Coaches and Managers should have a plan on how and when to communicate with the team.  Most teams like to send out a “Week Ahead” type email on Sunday that confirms practice days and times, games and locations for the following weekend and who is responsible for the upcoming week’s article so they come to the game with paper and pen!  Attached is a sample of a communication that has been used in the past with success.  Feel free to use/copy/edit/dismiss… 



Monday - 

Middlebrook Old Gym  8pm - 9pm (make-up practice)  



Cider Mill Upper 6:00-7:30pm




Date:  Saturday Jan 7th 4pm

Opponent: West Haven 7G

Court Location: Middlebrook New


Arrival Time: 3:30pm

Game Time: 4pm

Article Duty: name

Team Color:  White


Date:  Sunday Jan 8th 5:45pm

Opponent: Stamford Young Timers 7G

Court Location: Westhill HS

Directions:  125 Roxbury Rd., Stamford CT  

The "New" Gym is in the same building as the varsity gym. It's just back past the locker rooms.


Arrival Time: 5:15pm

Game Time: 5:45pm

Article Duty: name

Team Color:  Blue


** Please remember to have your players wear a different pair of shoes than their Bball shoes to/from practice!  Have them bring their bball shoes / a ball / and water with them.  Let’s keep our gym floors as good as new!!