Providing the best environment and opportunities for Wilton youth to develop their potential as basketball players.

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Program Description


What is Travel Basketball? Travel Basketball is designed for the young athlete interested in a more extensive and competitive basketball experience.



  • Each team will be selected based on tryouts held during the month of October.
  • There is NO FEE for tryouts – but players must register via the Wilton Hoops Website.
  • Each team’s tryout will consist of two (2) 90 minute sessions. 
  • Attendance at one tryout session is mandatory. Attendance at both sessions is highly encouraged and preferred.  
  • The tryouts will be conducted by the team’s coaches and the players will be independently evaluated by an outside evaluator and overseen by a WILTON HOOPS board member.
  • The roster of each team will be posted promptly on Wilton Hoops website after the second tryout session. 

Teams and League

  • Each team (other than the 4th Grade Boys Future Warriors team) will consist of ten players for each grade – 5th through 8th – boys and girls. 
  • Based on the number of qualified players a second team of twelve players may be selected.
  • At times, a team may consist of only 9 players based on the number of qualified players.
  • Each team will participate in the Fairfield County Basketball League and meet the requirements set by the FCBL. It is the responsibility of players and parents to notify the WBA board if eligibility may be an issue. Each team is allowed three exceptions per team. If there are more than three players who require an exception and WBA board has not been notified the players will be chosen at coaches discretion. There will be no guarantee of movement to another team after tryouts and teams have been determined.
  • All players participating on a FCBL team must reside in the boundaries of the town represented by that team, or they must be a student in the public school system of that town.
  • Wilton Hoops will attempt to have each team appropriately placed in the A, B or C division within each grade, however, appropriate placement is sometimes very difficult to determine and to achieve. 
  • Inter-division games are generally added to each team's schedule to fill out the schedule and enhance the competitive experience.
  • FCBL rules require all players to have a copy of your child’s birth certificate. Birth certificates must be a uploaded in order to complete tryout registration. 

Future Warriors 

  • The 4th Grade Boys Future Warriors program is designed as a bridge for 4th grade boys between the 3rd/4th grade intramural program and 5th Grade Travel Basketball. 
  • It is designed for the young player interested in a more extensive and competitive basketball experience.
  • The 4th Grade Boys Future Warriors team (consisting of 14 - 4th grade boys) will practice twice per week for 90 minutes per practice.  
  • The 4th Grade Boys Future Warrior team will not play in a league, but will generally play other Fairfield County town teams.  

Season, Weekly Schedule and Commitment

  • The season will begin the last week of October or the first week of November and will last through early March.
  • Each team will practice twice per week for 90 minutes per practice.
  • The practice days and times will depend on the coaches’ schedules and gym availability.
  • Each team will also typically have two games per weekend, one at home and one on the road against another Fairfield County town and one on Saturday and one on Sunday, however, occasionally a team will have a Friday night game. 
  • The game times will vary from weekend to weekend. 
  • The 4th Grade Boys Future Warriors may only have one game per weekend and some of the weekend games may be intra-squad "Blue vs. White" games. 
  • We try to reserve the 8:30am Saturday game slot for our 4th Grade Boys Future Warriors, however, that will depend in part on the other teams’ schedules and needs.
  • Players will be expected to make travel basketball their priority sport during the season and to attend all practices and games.

Playing Time

  • Playing time will not be distributed equally, but it will be distributed fairly.
  • Each player will play at least one fourth of each regular season game.
  • Our playing time rules will not apply during the playoffs.

Participation Fees  

  • The participation fee is $595 plus uniform cost for players new to the program.
  • The participation fee for our Future Warrior program (4th grade boys team) is $450 plus uniform cost. 
  • There is no fee for tryouts.
  • If your child is selected to play on a team, the participation fee must be paid in full the week after tryouts conclude. 


  • Uniform orders are made online by clicking UNIFORM in top right of website page. 
  • The uniforms consist of game shorts, reversible game jersey and warm up shirt. 
  • As the players out grow their uniforms replacement items can be purchased separately online.
  • Players keep their uniforms.
  • Uniform numbers must be confirmed prior to ordering with Wilton Hoops Facilities and Equipment Board Member.

Basketball Size

  • Boys Travel 

    4th/5th/6th grades - 28.5 inch (Size 6)

    7th grade and up - 29.5 inch (Size 7)


  • Girls Travel 

    All grades - 28.5 inch (Size 6)